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What does a 2VP do?

When you elect (or consider electing…) a Second Vice President, you are electing your future International President!

We often talk of transferrable skills…

No 2VP (Second Vice President acronym) is ever ready to be your future President, yet in 4 years he/she will be ready and prepared to lead the organization. 

 In real terms the 2VP:


  • Has the ability to listen!
  • Is a roving ambassador for the organization (predominantly through district visits)
  • Is a constant connection with day to day running of clubs in order to make pertinent, relevant (that is, strategic) decisions for the members
  • Is a connection to the membership
  • Needs to know what members are thinking, needing, asking
  • Remains an active member of club/s at all levels from regional through to international
  • Is a role model
    • Encourages leadership development for potential district and international officers
    • Is cognizant of training requirements of our potential leaders
    • Is prepared to visit districts in order to promote Toastmasters International to the members of that district (and every district)
    • Understands the importance of collaboration and consultation
    • Has and will acquire the skills necessary to fulfill the role and expectations of higher office
    • Prepares
    • Never stops learning
    • Is self-aware
    • Is accessible
    • Is an effective time manager who knows how to prioritize
    • Is aware that we must strive to be a global organization

Understanding your needs.”

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